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We believe that for many people, weddings can be an extremely stressful and intimidating process. A bride and groom and even parents are faced with thousands of questions while not knowing the best answers. They may constantly try and meet others' needs while ignoring or maybe not even knowing what their true dream day looks like. And often, if you ask them about their day ten years later, we often hear, ‘I was so busy making sure everything was working, I barely remember a thing.’ 

 A couple’s wedding day should be magical. Filled with memories of their past and looking into theidreams of tomorrow. When a bride and groom work so hard to get to that special day, they deserve to eat their food, dance with their family, and have a drink with their friends. And most of all, leave all the questions and responsibilities behind.

At Peaks and Dreams Events, we provide the best service with attention to detail, organization, and the ambition to make every moment personally magical. Our team will take all those questions and concerns off your shoulders so you can enjoy the day you work so hard to create.

Megan Bednarz 

I have been in the wedding industry for over four years coordinating and assisting other coordinators. While also planning events for our local college for the past two years; open houses, fall festivals, concerts and more. I graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a marketing minor. In January of 2023, my husband and I made the transition in our careers and lifestyle, starting with a lifetime dream of backpacking Europe for six weeks. We believe that following your dreams is half the experience. I now plans to use the influences of London, Paris, Rome and other cultures and inspirational for future wedding designs and customer service. After working with the Walt Disney Company, I use many aspects in my work life, specifically the focus of “magical moments.” The concept of creating special magic, even in the smallest of moments. This is a concept that will be vital to a bride and groom to create magic on their wedding day, focusing on the moments that build a lifetime of memories. I always aim to exceed expectations in organization, personal guest interaction, and leadership skills. I bring dedication and motivation to a developing and ever-growing team. I am a driven individual who chases my dreams and will make them happen no matter what. That begins with helping make your dream day come true, too. 

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